Apr. 10th, 2014

So. Yeah.

I guess I just want to list down stuff I want to do or should be doing, in order of priority.

Man, going through the list in my head makes me feel silly. The things are quite silly! Why am I even listing this down?? I don't know self. You tell me.

Okay. OKAY.

01. Draw (of course) and in conjunction with that fix your freaking ehd--especially the art folders. Delete unnecessary files, label them properly (color reference, anatomy reference, scenery reference, etc etc).

02. Read manga you've been wanting to read for a long while now!
>> One Piece
>> World Trigger
>> Soul Eater
>> Gingitsune (no one's translating though.. orz)
>> Kagerou Days

And continue the ones you've stopped reading
>> Isshuukan Friends
>> Oyasumi Punpun Fucking DONE. UGh.
>> Hirunaka no Ryuusei
>> Ao no Exorcist
>> Arms Peddler
>> Hitogatana
>> Dogs
>> Horimiya
>> Otomen

03. Read webcomics you've been wanting to read for a long while now!
>> Spiddrelli
>> Monsterkind
>> The Wormworld Saga
>> Stand Still, Stay Silent
>> Todd Allison & Petunia Violet

Continue ones you dropped (unintentionally of course...)
>> Gunnerkrigg Court
>> Unsounded
>> The Meek
>> Sfeer Theory
>> Fisheye Placebo
>> Land of Lions
>> Sakana

04. Watch animu you've been meaning to watch!! (list isn't available at the moment)

05. Callisthenics. Please.

06. And last, maybe not the least? Continue working on your story. You already have a goal, an end point. It may be somewhat vague but you have an idea what it is. Keep working towards that, please.

[EDIT] Puuu. Don't forget to continue reading Mistborn. It's a very nice novel come on! You're halfway done the first book!


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