Apr. 4th, 2015

01. What is the agency called? I still have no clue.

- Thinking of carrying over a company I made up in another rp called Hirai & Clarke Industries and was a robotics and biotechnology development company. In that other RP they've borrowed the Kirijo group's template of their shadow-suppression weapons. They could take a similar position in that they're the ones who thought of using Walkmans and detecting Shadows via Sound.

02. What are the exact functions of the Walkman?

- First, there's the casette tape that contains a person's soul/mana/energy/etcetc.

- To store a persona there, the Walkman is set in record to draw out a person's "shadow self", embrace it and tada persona.

- To summon a magickal artifact aka weapon of choice, the Walkman is set to play which is using up a fixed amount of mana so it is the most cost-efficient way to battle.

- To execute an "ultimate attack" and in turn bring out a more powerful version of your woc, the Walkman is paused while in normal play and will consume all the remaining mana a person has.

- To summon a persona, the Walkman is set to reverse-play. A persona can stay in the field for as long as a person has mana. When their mana reserve is depleted, the casette stops playing and the persona disappears.

- To coalesce with a persona, the Walkman is paused while in reverse-play and will consume all the remaining mana a person has.

- The pause button can only be used once every 12 hours*.

03. I like the idea of personae having an "idle" form similar to those in ManKin where the ghosts turn into tiny balls of... ghost fire with faces??

04. If the Dark Hour or Shadows attacking isn't limited to midnight, when are the other times it could happen? Is it a fixed schedule or is it unpredictable?

- The attack in the current test episode happened at 6-6:30pm.

- Mii-chan: [05/04/2015 00:25]
I kind of like the idea that Dissonance emerge when the area is silent? Such as in our rp scenario which is in the after school hours? That way they don't tend to come out in populated areas?

05/04/2015 00:30
It's like the noise is drowning them out, so to speak.

05/04/2015 00:31
Of course there could be like Full Moon shadows as well or irregular shadows who don't follow this pattern


Ironing some plot stuff!!

[06/04/2015 21:23]
I think we've settled about Dissonances expanding their domain/intruding on the human plane and basically civilians who get caught up during their attacks are mostly latent persona users because of the zero jikan thing done by the agency.

Maybe there are flaws nga to zero jikan, that the dissonances can exploit. that's why accidents happen from time to time...?


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